Grant Funding

OncoImmune, Inc. has successfully applied for a number of NIH grants
that helped development of its lead products.

 22  NIH 2020  R44CA246991-02S1

SAC-COVID: An FDA-approved phase III clinical trial
evaluating the safety and therapeutic efficacy of CD24Fc
in severe COVID-19 patients. 
Pan Zheng (contact), MD / OncoImmune, Inc.


 NIH 2020

 Cindi Study: A Phase II Clinical Trial to Combine CD24Fc
 with Ipilimumab and Nivolumab to Decrease Immune
 Adverse Events (irAE)

 Pan Zheng (contact), MD / OncoImmune, Inc.


 NIH 2020

 First in Human Phase I/II clinical trial of ONC-392:
 Preserving CTLA-4 immune tolerance checkpoint for
 safer and more effective cancer immunotherapy

 Pan Zheng (contact), MD / OncoImmune, Inc.


 NIH 2019

 A phase II dose expansion clinical trial testing the efficacy

 of CD24Fc for the prophylaxis of severe graft vs host
 disease and leukemia relapse

 Pan Zheng (contact), MD / OncoImmune, Inc.


 NIH 2019

 R41 OD028767-01

 Evaluation of therapeutic efficacy and safety of novel small
 RNA target delivery platform in vivo.
 Martin Devenport / OncoImmune, Inc. 


 NIH 2019

 R44 HL145964
 A randomized, placebo-controlled, single-blinded
 clinical trial
to assess safety and efficacy of CD24Fc
 in controlling
 cardiovascular disease risks
 of HIV-infected patients

 Pan Zheng (contact), MD / OncoImmune, Inc.


 FDA 2018

 R01 FD006089-01

 Phase IIb trial of CD24Fc for GVHD prophylaxis,
 IND 127,363

 Liu, Yang / Oncoimmune, Inc. 


 NIH 2017

 A phase IIA trial for the safety and tolerability of CD24Fc in
 prophylaxis of graft vs host disease.
 Martin Devenport / OncoImmune, Inc.


 NIH 2014

 R43 AI108115-01

 Targeting endogenous sialidases for treatment
 of endotoxic shock

 Qiu, Ping / Oncoimmune, Inc. 


 NIH 2013

 R01 NS080821-01
 CD24 Targeting for Multiple Sclerosis:
 a First-In-Human Phase I Study

 Liu, Yang / Oncoimmune, Inc.


 NIH 2011

 R43 AI092874-01

 Novel Therapeutics for Sepsis
 Fang, Dexing / Oncoimmune, Inc. 


 NIH 2011

 R43 AR061252-01

 Targeting host response to DAMP for therapy
 of Rheumatoid Arthritis

 Fang, Dexing / Oncoimmune, Inc.


 NIH 2008

 R44 NS041692-04
 CD24 as Therapeutic Target for Multiple Sclerosis-phase II
 Competing Renewal
 Zheng, Xincheng / Oncoimmune, Inc.


 NIH 2004

 R44 NS041692-02

 CD24 as therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis-phase2
 Zhou, Qunmin / Oncoimmune, Ltd 


 NIH 2001

 R43 NS041692-01

 CD24 as a therapeutic target for Multiple Sclerosis
 Zhou, Qunmin / Oncoimmune, Ltd 


 NIH 2003

 R41 CA101611-01
 S6K and mTOR as targets for tuberous sclerosis
 Guan, Kun-Liang / Oncoimmune Ltd


 NIH 2003

 R43 NS045401-01

 Endothelial Cells as Gene Vehicles for MS Therapy
 Liu, Xingluo / Oncoimmune, Ltd


 NIH 2002

 R43 CA094537-01
 GDP-bound Ras mutant RasN17N69 as a therapeutic agent

 Xu, Li-Hui / Oncoimmune, Ltd


 NIH 2001
 R41 CA093107-01
Human gene knock-in mice and anti-cancer antibodies

Liu, Yang / Oncoimmune, Ltd

 NIH 2001
 R41 CA093204-01
Wild type Ras as cancer therapeutic agent
You, Ming / Oncoimmune, Ltd

 State of Ohio
Technology Action Fund (TAF) Grant

 State of Ohio
BRTT grant for work on Multiple sclerosis.



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