OncoImmune’s founders have discovered an innate immune checkpoint protecting us against inflammatory diseases. This checkpoint can be fortified for immunotherapy.


We are developing novel biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of COVID-19, cancer and immunological diseases.


Through Phase I, II and Phase III clinical trials, we are translating fundamental discoveries into patient care.

Built upon Discovery

Founded in 2000 on the scientific discoveries of our founders, we have moved our lead product, from a basic concept into clinical trials.

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A novel pathway

Our founders have identified a novel pathway that is a checkpoint for the development of a number of disease indications.

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a rich pipeline

OncoImmune has a rich pipeline of immunotherapy products that are moving through preclinical testing.

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We are developing a portfolio of product candidates that may offer physicians and patients new treatment options for diseases that involve the immune system

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Latest News

Discovery & Development

From biotech and pharmaceutical experience to academia,
our team brings diverse and vast success to OncoImmune.

Featured Pipeline Products

  • CD24Fc

    OncoImmune’s lead compound is CD24Fc, a first-in-class recombinant fusion protein that targets a novel immune pathway checkpoint.  CD24Fc has…

  • ONC-392

    CTLA-4 was commercially validated as the first target to correct immune defects in cancer patients through antibody-based immunotherapy.…

  • ONC-781

    A major advance in immunotherapy is to targeting T cell to cancer cells through either bi-specific antibodies or…

About Us

Based in Rockville, Maryland, OncoImmune is a
privately-held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical
company that is actively engaged in the discovery
and development of biopharmaceuticals for the
treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease.

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